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Detour Method Online (DMO)

Learn to confidently combine the yoga you know with the strength and mobility every body needs.

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You’re no stranger to the world of movement. When you’re not on your mat practicing, you’re likely finding a way to learn more about the body, biomechanics and the nervous system. You follow some amazing movers on social media. Your bookshelf is stacked with resources that keep you up-to-date on hot topics like pain science, flexibility training and somatic exploration.

There’s no shortage of information in your head. And yet, when you attempt to combine everything you’re learning with what you already know and love - yoga! - things feel disconnected.

That’s where DMO comes in.

Detour Method Online bridges the gap between what’s typically taught in 200HR yoga teacher training programs and everything else you need to know about moving with integrity.

Whether you consider yourself a movement enthusiast or a movement educator, DMO will ask you to start thinking critically about how we view, talk about and teach yoga asana. Together, we’ll tackle questions like:

  • How can you lead sun salutations in a way that helps students develop an awareness of their upper body they’ve never experienced before?
  • Does it make sense to leave behind “hip openers” in favour of “hip strengtheners”?
  • How can you train spinal mobility so that backbends consistently feel good, every single time?
  • How can you tackle arm balances and inversions using progressions that work for students at all levels?
  • Is it possible to teach movement off the mat in a class where people are expecting conventional yoga asana?

After DMO, nothing is ever the same again.

This course will challenge you to continually question what you’re doing (on and off the mat) and why you’re doing it. Because we know what you’re capable of, your instructors won’t settle for mediocrity. There’s never been a more important time to stand apart from the masses. Commit to Detouring from the mainstream and you’ll have all the support needed to succeed on this new, exciting trajectory.

Founders Jenn and Cecily perched on sofa arm and cushion in an empty warehouse with large windows on a cloudy day

We know how it feels to yearn for the tools and resources that support a more empowered practice.

As humans first, educators second, we believe in creating learning environments where it’s ok to question everything and still feel supported along the way.

We also know what it’s like to live and work in injury-riddled bodies. DMO is a reflection of the research, unlearning and relearning that allowed us to arrive at a place where physical movement provides nourishment, not punishment. We’re grateful to our global community of Detourists like you who crave an alternate path of renewed inspiration.

Cecily & Jenn

By the end of this course you will...
  • Have a clear understanding of how the body is designed to move
  • Realize that you’re not “too late” when it comes to diversifying your teaching
  • Be addicted to asking “WHY” and no longer take answers for face-value
  • Stop worrying about the gaps in your training up until now
  • Possess a well of tools and resources to transform your personal practice and make your teaching magnetic and engaging
  • Wish you’d taken this course ages ago!

What’s Included

Modular Learning

Take up to 4 months to progress through the course at your own pace and never worry about falling behind.

Top-Notch Education

Our Canvas learning platform supports two-way communication with your instructor, video resizing, closed captioning and playback speed control.

VIP Membership

Enter the private DMO Think Tank (which is NOT on Facebook) and connect with students from around the world.

Individual Attention

Enjoy support from our global team of District Leaders who provide regular office hours and one-to-one feedback on course assignments.

Detour Virtual Studio

Receive a 4-month DVS pass to take unlimited classes from Cecily and other Registered Yoga Detour Instructors.

Audio Classes

Practice along with Cecily’s cues in classes that illustrate the different themes explored in each module.

Downloadable PDFs

4 Detour Maps that illustrate “Isolate-Activate-Integrate” to create Detour-informed classes along with fillable workbooks and an accompanying 42-page Answer Key.

This course is for you if...

  • You’re looking for the tools to infuse your teaching with more depth and integrity
  • You understand that the basics are where it’s at. When we master the basics, our options are limitless.
  • You’re craving more accessibility and sustainability in your movement practice
  • You want to offer your students more “movement” but lack the tools and confidence to venture outside the confines of yoga asana
  • You’re curious about CARs, the mobility vs. flexibility debate and out-dated cues but you’re not sure where to start.
  • You want to reignite inspiration and remember why you started practicing in the first place
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District Leaders

Sara Paige
Sara Paige

Following the Detour since 2018

Currently teaching in Arizona, USA

Languages: English

Fernando Pasquel
Fernando Pasquel

Following the Detour since 2018

Currently teaching in Madrid, Spain

Languages: Spanish, English

Noémi Schoefs
Noémi Schoefs

Following the Detour since 2016

Currently teaching in Hasselt, Belgium

Languages: Dutch, German, English, French (conversational)

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